TIPS Distinctive Academic Programmes and the Modern Innovative Teaching-Learning Pedagogies Encourage Students to Develop Critical-Thinking and International Mindedness, through Inquiry, Reason and Reflection.


Teaching and learning at TIPS International School is student-centered, relevant, and incorporates the multiple intelligences concept in inquiry with differentiation at various levels. Our Educators and leaders continue to develop a school-wide curriculum aligned with these international programs that is clearly articulated.


  • Technology is extensively used as a learning tool. Every Secondary School student is required to carry a laptop computer that is linked by campus-wide WiFi connectivity.
  • The controlled-temperature environment is ideal for relaxed and purposeful study. There are first class Science facilities, a spacious Library-Media-Centre and well-equipped studios for Art and Craft .
  • Students are motivated to develop talents and interests in their preferred areas of academic, sports, theatre, music and dance. This is catered to with ample opportunities and standard facilities.
  • Every class, from PYP to DP has only 24 students at any point of time, to ensure holistic development.


Tips School