ICT Starters gives schools a flexible framework to develop learners’ ICT competence. Modules are delivered according to the needs of each learning situation and age of the learners – across the curriculum or as a separate course of study.

Learners develop key ICT skills in a range of applications including word processing, computer graphics, databases, spreadsheets, email, internet, presentations, video/animation and web authoring.

Technology projects methodically integrate technology into curriculum effectively to create meaningful learning opportunities for students. Each technology project contains theme-related assignments that use Microsoft and Adobe applications. It helps the students to:

  • Write a report, article, or letter using Word
  • Produce an presentation, ad, or story with PowerPoint
  • Record, calculate, graph, and analyze data with Excel
  • Store and manipulate data on a topic using Access
  • Create a digital scrapbook using Photoshop

They also consider wider issues such as internet safety and adapting their work to the audience.