The creative arts allow young children to explore and express their individuality, imaginations, and ideas through music, movement and dance, drama, and the visual arts. This domain includes exploring various art forms and using arts to communicate ideas and emotions.

Through artistic experiences, early years are motivated to engage in problem solving as they experiment with combinations of media and creative expression. Opportunities to regularly recognize and discuss beauty in their environment, their work, and in the work of others support young learners as they begin to develop their appreciation of the arts. The topic of children’s work may reflect their individual interests, while the way they depict the topic may reflect their feelings about that topic, their fine- or gross-motor skills, and their developing perceptual abilities. Teachers support their creative efforts by observing and talking with them about their work and providing them with strategies that will help them accomplish their artistic goals. The program includes theme related activities such as

  • Best from Waste
  • Cards for various occasions
  • Preparing props
  • Classical and western dance movements
  • Drama and puppet theater
  • Story telling
  • Cooking
  • Finger painting
  • 3D craft and many other